Get Ready for the iPhone 5 Release in Hong Kong [Guide] Everything you must know before 12th September 2012

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It is highly expected from Apple to announce (and maybe release) their new iPhone 5 on the 12th of September. Thousands of Apple Fans in Hong Kong will stay awake that night to wait for the “big announcement”, usually around 2-3AM our time. There have been numerous leaks and rumours floating around the Hong Kong blog and techsphere. For everyone who didn’t get the time to catch up and follow all the news, here is our complete summary of everything iPhone 5 for Hong Kong!


Leaked picture of the iPhone 5 front panel

The latest leak of the iPhone 5 Front panel (via

How to follow Apple’s Press Conference

By now every bigger Newspaper and online blog will provide you with a live feed for the next big Apple Release, our favorites are still the classic tech pages, hope over to get the full treatment on the release day! (Gear Up for the iPhone 5 Release Day in Hong Kong)

New features of the iPhone 5

Please read our other post released today about a comprehensive list and summary of all iPhone 5 rumours so far!

Original Release Date of iPhone 5

This is no big news any more, the 12th September 2012 is at least set to be the date when Apple will announce the iPhone 5. Many analysts expect that to be the same date as the actual shipping in the US will start as well.

Release Date in Hong Kong

Usually Hong Kong and Asia were at least 2-3 months behind the rest of the world in terms of new Apple Product releases.. however that has already changed with the last big release of the iPad 3. The shipping and in store availability was in line with the US release date, so we expect this to become the new standard procedure from Apple, which introduced the simultaneous releases mainly to fight the black market and huge trade with imported products in China and Asia. (Is this the Release Date for the iPhone 5 in Hong Kong?) So expect the iPhone 5 to be available between September in October 2012 in Hong Kong too.

Availability of iPhone 5 in Hong Kong

We see BIG Queues once again. However we predict that the days of insane queue ups outside the new Apple store in IFC2 Mall are over. The locally introduced online reservation system will eliminate those days of craziness. However due to the (usual) limited amount of available iPhones, we expect the grey market (craigslist, yahoo auctions and street vendours) to flourish once again. (How Apples new online Reservation System works)

Best places to get your iPhone 5 ready near the release dates should be the usual suspects.

  • Mongkok / Causeway Bay / TST for inflated and ridicolous prices, but with EASY availability
  • Official Apple Store IFC2 via Online Reservation System, with HARD availability
  • Mobile Plan Providers via reservation system, with MEDIUM availability

Prices of iPhone 5 in Hong Kong

Business as ususal here as well, the new iPhone 5 will very likely be released with the same price tag as the current model iPhone 4S is available. And thats starting at 5088HK$.


We expect the iPhone 4S to be dropped to current iPhone 4 price level at around 4288HK$. We have recently seen Apple to adjust products to inflation in respective countries, hence a little variation in the price could be given.


Now if you are heading down to the street level to get your hands right on the release date on the fresh hardware you will very likely have to pay a big upmarked price, expect to see prices going up to the double retail price, approx 10k HK$ in the first 2-5 days if you buy it off one of the street vendors.

New iPhone 5 Accessories and where to buy

A new iPhone comes, the old iPhone stays, but new accessories come too. Head down to your little street vendor of trust and grab the fresh new cables for the new mini docks or size adjusted covers right theere. Need some more directions and tiops? The 5 best Places to Buy Apple Accesories in Hong Kong



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