How to make your online Reservation for the new iPad in Hong Kong

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Same procedure as we had recently seen with the iPhone 4S (which now is in stock), we are currently not able to purchase the new iPad via walk-in at the IFC official Apple store in Hong Kong. You will HAVE TO make a reservation online first, this is easy and quick, and explained in detail below.

How to make an online reservation for the new iPad

Here is how it works in detail:

1. Go to Hong Kong Apple’s Official iPad Reservation Page (only available between 9AM and 12AM Local Time)

apple online reservation hong kong store selection

2. Choose the model / color / quantity of which iPad you want (2 piece max)

ipad reservation

3.IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter your correct details such as Name, Phone, Email and HK ID Number. (Yes that’s right, non residents and tourists cannot buy iPadss in Hong Kong any more)

apple store hong kong online resrevation choose quantity

4. Wait and Pray! Apple will send out an email on the same day before 9PM to everyone who successfully was selected by their “lottery”. The email will contain the exact time of when you should head over to the IFC Apple Store and pick up your iPad.

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