More than 250.000 new iPads smuggled to China?

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ipad china smuggleWe have heard the number of “3 Million iPads” that Apple has apparently sold during the first week. That number is quite a bit if you consider that the iPad has by far not launched world wide, but only in a hand full of trigger happy Apple enthusiast countries. ¬†That official announcement is another week old already, means we should slowly creep up to the 5 Million mark with demand slowly fading as it is always the case after the initial launch weekend hype… BUT..

10% of all iPads in China

Today we have heard of another pretty amazing number, that is 250.000 iPads that found their way into the grey market in China. 250.000 doesnt sound that much, BUT, considering only 3 Million pieces sold world wide, we are talking about almost 10% of the global iPads that have been illegally shipped to China!

Now you can ask yourself again why we have such a short supply of iPads in Hong Kong. And ironically the iPads are being manufactured just a couple of miles north, in Shenzen, inside of China.

Fighting the Grey Market

ipads shipped to chinaOn the grey market prices for the new iPad are said to be up to 10,000 RMB, that yet has to be confirmed, iPads are currently being bought on the streets in Hong Kong for only 100hk$ above the official retail price. Which should give an indication that the margin this time is not so high while apple is trying to fight the grey market with oversupply.

The iPad will probably officially introduced in China in the coming month, looking at previous release circles.

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